Crowns are the perfect restoration procedure, which will add strength to your teeth and at the same time, enhance the structure and appearance of your mouth. Some preparation work is required before the crown or crowns are manufactured. Great care is taken to ensure that the crown is produced to correctly match the natural shape your own tooth or teeth.

How are Crowns Fitted?

While your new crown is in manufacture, a temporary crown will be put in place. This can be removed easily once your permanent crown is prepared.

Once the crown is constructed, you will be put under local anaesthetic. The crown is then shaped and fitted to the tooth so that the remaining tooth structure is protected. It is important, so great care is taken to ensure that the shape closely matches your surrounding teeth.

Why Choose Porcelain Crowns?

Replacing natural teeth with porcelain crowns will lighten your teeth and ensure a bright even smile. Porcelain is extremely versatile and is used to close gaps in teeth, repair fractured teeth and align crowding. Porcelain crowns can also be used to repair a single damaged tooth and can be colour matched to your own teeth to maintain a natural look.

Porcelain crowns are of better quality than standard crowns and are therefore more expensive but they’re especially preferable for front teeth and to ensure a clean, natural appearance.

Alternative Types of Crown

The alternative to pure porcelain is porcelain that is bonded to precious metal or non-precious metal. They don’t have the natural look of porcelain but they are still very strong whilst being more affordable.

Another alternative is ceramic crowns or glass crowns. Both are metal free and have the appearance of porcelain. Whereas porcelain is preferable for front teeth, ceramic and glass can be used for either front or back teeth.

Gold and Silver Crowns

Gold crowns are still available and this material has been widely used by dental technicians for many years. However, modern practices are such that gold is now used along with other materials. This produces an affordable but hard-wearing alternative. Silver is also available.

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