NHS service fees are set by the Scottish Executive. An NHS check up is free of charge and at this appointment a full estimate of treatment will be provided. The maximum charge on the NHS is £384 per course of treatment. Some patients may be totally exempt from any NHS charges. Permission may have to be granted from the health board to do some treatments.

You can read more about the NHS Fee Structure by following the link.

What is not covered by the NHS?

The NHS service does not cover treatments such as tooth coloured fillings in premolars and molars. This is the same for certain areas where crowns and veneers may be placed. Whitening techniques and implant procedures are only done on a private basis.

Sandra from Clarkston explains why she chose St Leonards Dental Practice

NHS Dentist in East Kilbride

"I hadn’t been to the dentist for many years and had been a bit complacent about it, until, of course, I needed some work done.

I was in a lot of pain but I drove all around my local area, stopping at every dentist I came across; but I had an impossible time trying to get any of them to take me onto their books, regardless of the fact that I was in so much pain! It was a thoroughly depressing time.

Why I hadn’t thought of this before, I don’t know, but eventually I realized that an internet search might help. Again, I wasn’t very successful, until St Leonards Dental Practice answered my phone call. I explained my circumstances and they asked me to come to the practice right away. They helped me out temporarily and then made appointments to finish the work, which they have done now. They’re not exactly on my doorstep but I don’t care, it’s worth the time it takes to get there. They helped me out when I needed help and I’ve passed their name on to everyone.

I thought that the practice might not welcome someone who hadn’t been good at keeping up regular visits. I needn’t have worried. They were so good about it.

I’ve every confidence in them and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually look forward to going there."
Sandra, Clarkston


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