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Millions of people endure difficulties relating to missing teeth. This can have a dramatic effect on self-confidence, appearance, speech as well as eating. This is entirely unnecessary and can be fairly easily rectified with a dental implant procedure. At St Leonards we pride ourselves on our ability to reinvent smiles and especially when it comes to using dental implant technology to do so. Fear not for your teeth, implants are our forte.

Dental Implants are one of the most popular treatments at our clinic in East Kilbride. They have a very high success rate and our patients love the fact that they can eat normally without the hassle associated with traditional dentures.
Brian McMillan BDS

Long Term Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental Implants are a long-term solution to missing teeth. They can alleviate the real difficulties faced by very many people and are an increasingly popular solution.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, placed where your natural tooth used to be. This can then be restored with a crown or alternatively with a bridge.

Implants are the ideal solution to secure loose dentures, which would avoid bridgework being required altogether.

Natural Looking Replacement Teeth

Following the initial dental work being carried out, the crown or bridge is carefully placed and will emerge from the gum to look as natural as possible to your original teeth.

Patients with dental implants continue to live life worry free and our patients are once again able to eat and smile confidently.

Dental implants have the highest success rates of anything we do. We have changed the smiles of many of our clients whose teeth were in need of implant treatment and welcome all and any new enquiries.

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