Inlays in East Kilbride

Inlays are lab-made tooth coloured fillings. They are constructed from porcelain or composite resin over two separate visits and are more durable than directly placed composite fillings. They appear similar to white fillings and should blend almost invisibly with your natural tooth.

Why Choose Inlays?

If you don't need to go so far as having a crown fitted and a filling is not good enough for what you need, an inlay is the perfect solution.

Inlays are perfect if there is tooth decay or if you have damage to teeth that are broken or cracked. They are most usually used to repair and improve on the structure of your teeth at the back of your mouth, where you chew and bite most frequently.

Using a compound made up from, most commonly, porcelain or resin, the inlays are bonded to your teeth where the damage is found and after they have been prepared by your dental practitioner, for application. When the treatment is complete, the improvements can be seen immediately. Gold is also used but not very often as it's rarely requested but it is still available. The old style metal fillings are no longer acceptable to some and the inlays are a more attractive alternative and can easily be made to match the colour of your own teeth.

How long do dental inlays last? Inlays, with care, will last for a very long time. Your own teeth will also have an impact on how long they will last, as they need to be healthy enough or the inlay is compromised, therefore, it is important that you take some care when eating as you could easily cause damage to the Inlay. It will also be dependent on the materials or the compounds used to produce the Inlays but with good dental hygiene, your Inlays can last for years without ever needing to be replaced.

How dental inlays are applied

You will need two appointments to your dentist in order that the Inlay is properly and securely fixed. The first appointment is when your tooth or teeth will be prepared to take the Inlay and following that, an impression is then made of the teeth. A mould is prepared from the impression and sent to our dental laboratory where the Inlay is made to your exact specification. On your second appointment, the Inlay is positioned and a finished off to perfection.

Dental Inlays are a really good alternative to the metal fillings of old. Compounds and materials are used specifically to not only enhance the look of your teeth but to give them added strength. The days of wincing at cold ice cream and a hot cup of tea are also long gone, as no metal is used within the compound. As the colour of the Dental Inlays is as close to your own natural teeth as can be possible, the result if perfect teeth and a perfect smile.


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